The Latah County Broadband Coalition is made up of stakeholders from across the County that have pledged to participate in facilitating the build-out of future-proof broadband infrastructure throughout Latah County.

The Pledge

The goal of the Latah County Broadband Coalition is to engage stakeholders across the County in order to communicate broadband needs and offer support in developing projects to address those needs. We aim to find local, state, and federal funding to build future-proof broadband infrastructure throughout Latah County. We are not interested in prescribed pathways to achieving this goal — rather, we’re committed to working together to find the best solutions for our communities. Working together will only make pursuing partnerships and funding opportunities more possible and more potent.

In establishing this coalition, we recognize the unmatched importance of broadband access and affordability for education, health, commerce, and community. Ensuring that every community member has access to reliable and affordable broadband is not only a key component to modern life but also to future development.

We undertake this work knowing that a robust broadband connection allows students greater access to educational opportunities, patients greater access to healthcare professionals, businesses access to customers around the world, and farmers the ability to increase productivity and profitability.

We are committed to providing the support our community and citizens need to enable us to build sound, future-proof broadband infrastructure and last mile connectivity to homes. To demonstrate that commitment, we sign on to join the Latah County Broadband Coalition with a pledge to participate in the following ways:

  • Assign a representative to serve on the Latah County Broadband Coalition committee
  • Participate in information sharing and gathering to inform broadband planning and projects
  • Agree to leverage available funding to pursue future-proof broadband projects